Asbestos & Lead

Asbestos Services

AHERA School projects, Inspector/Management Planner, working closely with school administration in planning response actions. Recommending control measures, cost analysis, hazard ranking/risk assessment and sampling.

E.P.A. AHERA Asbestos Project Supervisor

On the job leadership, surveillance and reporting to enhance project quality and safety.

Air Monitoring

P.C.M. T.E.M., asbestos bulk sampling. P.L.M., N.V.L.A.P, accredited laboratory.

AHERA Project Designer

Preparing abatement project design, removal, repair, and maintenance of asbestos_ Bid specification writing and helping schools in the selection of an abatements contractor.

Industrial and Commercial Building Inspector/Management Planner; conducting surveys of building, ships and industrial facilities in order to determine the degree asbestos hazard and develop a plan to manage asbestos.

Asbestos Abatement Project Designer working closely with the owner and Government Agency in developing easier and more cost-efficient methods in abating asbestos.

LEAD Services

Inspection, Management Plan, Sampling air, bulk, water, Risk assessment, Removal, Repaint. RRP Certfied Staff, EPA Certified Inspector Recommending control measures, cost analysis, risk assessment and sampling.

Lead Inspection

E.P.A. Lead Inspection Sampling and Reporting following EPA and HUD rules and regulations; preformed by an EPA Certified Lead Risk Assessor/Lead Inspector

Lead Removal

E.P.A Lead RRP Certified Staff EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm

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