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  • Are you prepared with the newest updates to Silica Requirements?
  • What is a safe amount of Mold to be around?
  • Oh, its just a little Arsenic in the Canec Board, who will know if I just throw it away?
  • Do you know the rules and regulations you should be following?
  • Are you prepared for the inspection on your work site that could potentially cost your company hundreds to thousands of dollars because you missed the newest rules and updates?

No need to worry; that's our job! We take the worry out of your work day.

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Hazardous Waste Control & Training

We work with ranchers, private contractors and government agencies to develop regulatory compliance training programs in all phases of worker and environmental safety.

Mold Inspections

Testing buildings for mold/fungal spores, remediation planning, cleaning.

Indoor Air Quality Inspection/Assessment

Air Analysis to determine allergens, and "sick building" syndrome.

Silica Monitoring

Project Managers/Monitors to preform air quality analysis for both personal and business situations where silica dust could become an issue on the job site.

Arsenic in Canec Board

Inspection, Sampling, Analysis and Report writing for suspect arsenic in Canec Board.

Air Monitoring

Air Monitoring during abatement of hazardous elements.

D.O.E. Underground Storage Tank Site Assessors

Licensed D.0.E site assessors and underground storage tank remover. Specializing in site assessment, testing, removal and remediation of L.U.S.T.'s.

RADON Testing

Testing buildings for Radon, management planning and designing building remediation methods.

Phase 1&11Building Inspection

Inspection of building and property for hazardous materials, working closely with the owners and financial institutions to clearly determine hazardous materials type, location, and amount and to recommend cost efficient solutions.

Water Sampling

Water Sampling for personal user or for Lead and Copper Compliance for schools.


Stop!! What are you doing with that dirt?!You and I both know its "just dirt" right? However, Each material that is excavated must be properly sloped or supported for construction and safety purposes. The factors and specifications are set by the EPA. Getting rid of the soil is determined by each state and each landfill. It is our job to know what your landfill requires, we will take the hassle out of disposal.

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